Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Egde of the World

Tommorrow at roughly 8:30 am Melbourne time, Chad and I will be meeting our little stranger. We will see the eyes we have craved to see, and hold the little fingers we have tingled to hold. (and quite possibly the little uvula I have been less excited about seeing!) We pass from two to three.

There will most likely not be any action on this site for a while...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movie Time

I thought it was time for a lighter and fluffier sort of blog. It's movie time.

My top movies right now:
Royal Tenenbaums- A delightfully colourful movie about a truly messed up family. Although there is little in the movie that reflects my life, I find it somewhat refreshing. I can watch it again and again. The soundtrack is also noteworthy highlighting the talents of Niko, and Elliot Smith. If you haven't seen this movie, check it out. It is no longer a new release so it will be a cheap rent!

About a Boy- Not usually a fan of Hugh Grant (stuffy jerk-face) this movie is about a stuffy jerk-face, played superbly by Hugh himself (not much of a stretch) who discovers that there is life outside of himself by intereaction with a junior high age boy. This movie is also no longer a new release so will be easy and cheap to get your hands on.

Look Both Ways- This movie is an Australian film, with Australian actors, and in a VERY Australian tone. It is about grief and recovery; life after death. It is a beautiful and telling movie about finding peace and living after tragedy. If you are able to get your hands on it, it is worth it. It also has some really interesting animated sequences done by the director. A beautiful movie. Highly relatable, in a good way, if you have experienced tragedy of any kind in your life.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Child

I've been told that my child is breech and the safest way to deliver is by C-section. I've been given an approximate date. The edge of the world is now only a week away. Chad and I, hand in hand, will fall off the edge of the world, drawn there by this little one. There are moments that I feel so frightened that I can do nothing but cry, other moments I want it all to happen today. I can't wait to see the face of my little stranger.

I couldn't sleep last nite. I know it is simply one and many sleepless nites on behalf of this little person. I thought about the world and what a horrible place it is. The terrible things that could happen at any moment. But then I thought about all the beautful things that make up life. There are still birds in the sky, a huge and grand variety to be seen if one takes the time to look up. There is dirt to be rolled in, and rocks to find. I hope that I can help my Sprout to discover this world.

I want so many things for my child. I want this little person to have a love of literature and to have Chad's nose. I want this person to live in the world unafraid to try new things, to be daring and bold. I want my child to find the world fascinating and tell me all the things that he has learned with the wide eyes of wonder and excitement. Most of all, I want this person to have a desperate and passionate love of God. I want it to be this love that colours his whole world.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Time To Grieve

In the past month I have known 2 separate families devastated by one of the most unimaginable kinds of pain, the loss of a child. They both lost their little newborn babies within hours of delivery. Please remember Aaron and Nicole, and Eric and Randi in prayer. I think that the loss of a newborn can be such a lonely grief. No one but the mother's really have any memories of the child. Plus both Nicole and Randi have to deal not only with this loss, but also the usual baby blues, and all the other hormonal changes that occur.

My heart breaks for both of these ladies. Please pray for them and their families as you think of it.